Best Cockroach Trap - Cheap and Effective

Cockroach or roach infestation in your apartment unit is something you definitely need to worry about. They say that for every single roach you find crawling on your apartment's kitchen floor, six others are hiding in your cabinets, closets and walls. Roaches have been on earth for eons and that tells you how resilient they can be.

So how do you get rid of them? Generally, sanitation in the apartment building plays a big role to preventing an infestation. Of course, there needs to be a concerted effort among the building tenants to make sure this happens.

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In an apartment building, there's one thing you definitely share with other tenants and that's general sanitation in the apartment building. Even if you keep your eating and cooking quarters immaculately clean, there's no saying how other tenants dispose of kitchen or dinner trash. And when sanitation is a problem in the apartment building, you may be having rodents - that's rats and mice - passing through or visiting your apartment unit.

After installing an outdoor antenna for your apartment, you have to find a way to secure the antenna cable coming from the antenna. You wouldn't want the cable dangling all the way from the top of the antenna pole all the way to its connection to your TV set inside your apartment unit.

A dangling cable isn't only unsightly, it's generally unsafe. People could easily trip over cable wires on the ground. Bringing tall items like ladders for instance could catch and snag the cable, pulling the antenna out of position or worse, result in an injury to you or other tenants. Check with your landlord if you have doubts on how to secure the cable.

As a tenant, you may encounter several restrictions on your lease contract pertaining to installation of outdoor structures like an antenna. Cable TV isn't a viable alternative for a tenant on a budget. So an oudoor antenna for the home TV may be your only choice for inexpensive entertainment in the apartment.

A rooftop antenna is the probably the best and cheapest way to get good TV reception. Some landlords though may not cherish the idea of having structures on the apartment's roof that utlizes antenna poles, guy wires and antenna cables. Check your lease contract and with your landlord for alternatives.