Motorcycle in the Pathway

One of our tenants had an old motorbike. But since they had a car, they were already taking a parking slot. And there are only a few limited slots in the parking area.

With no place else to put the motorbike, they parked it in front of a vacant unit. This vacant unit is adjacent to theirs. Unfortunately, we were using this vacant temporarily for our personal stuff. The front of the units is the pathway and is common to all the tenants.


Garbage Disposal

Many years ago when the apartment building was new, the first tenants thought of having a nice trash bin outside the apartment gate. It was essentially a metal drum cut in half with some short iron legs welded at the bottom. It was fine except it didn't have a cover. Since it was a bit low, sometimes stray cats and dogs would climb on it and gnaw on the plastic bags thus spilling the contents. Yuck.