Best Cockroach Trap - Cheap and Effective

Cockroach or roach infestation in your apartment unit is something you definitely need to worry about. They say that for every single roach you find crawling on your apartment's kitchen floor, six others are hiding in your cabinets, closets and walls. Roaches have been on earth for eons and that tells you how resilient they can be.

So how do you get rid of them? Generally, sanitation in the apartment building plays a big role to preventing an infestation. Of course, there needs to be a concerted effort among the building tenants to make sure this happens.

Getting Rid of Roaches

But there are several ways to kill cockroaches already existing in your apartment unit. Nowadays there are plenty of cockroach poisoned baits available in the supermarket. One type that I find particularly effective are the bait gels that come in syringe-applicator tubes. These can be a bit expensive though. Another way of ridding roaches is by trapping them.

Effective Trap to Eliminate Roaches

I recently discovered an effective way to trap cockroaches. No, it isn't another DIY project for you to do around the apartment. In fact, other than buying and enjoying a refreshing big cup of your favorite frappuccino, you don't have to spend a single cent. And you don't have to do anything extra either, other than positioning the trap.

Here's what you do. After finishing the big cup of frappuccino, save the empty container with its plastic transparent dome. Throw away the straw. Don't crush the empty container or even wash it.

Position the empty container in an area frequented by roaches. This could be somewhere in your pantry, inside kitchen cabinets, under lavatories or near drains. It is important that the empty container is standing up. Ensure the hole at the top of the transparent dome is not blocked.

Leave the container undisturbed. The following morning you'd find cockroaches inside the the roach trap. Many of them will be dead or close to dying. If you're a bit queasy in killing those still alive, you can mix a few drops of Joy liquid detergent in water, shake it up in a bottle and pour it inside the roach trap. The roaches will eventually die.

How the Improvised Roach Trap Works

The remaining frappuccino cream inside the empty container will be the bait for the cockroaches. Apparently, roaches cannot resist the sweet tasting remaining drops of frappuccino at the rim of the transparent plastic dome. Wanting more, they'll crawl inside the dome hole and fall.

Some of those that drop fall on their backs and stick to the bottom. Others, once inside, cannot crawl back out. The inside surface of the transparent plastic dome is much too slippery even for their legs and they continue to fall to the bottom of the cup.

Be sure to dispose of the improvised cockroach traps as needed. You don't want rats to smell the frappuccino bait and come in to your apartment. Then you might have a rat problem to solve.



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