Very Long Hiatus

The last time I updated this blog was geez, a few years ago! Anyway, I'm now ready and raring to resume blogging. So, what's been keeping me away?
  1. Until recently, work, work and more work.

  2. Another thing that distracted me was my family's transition into our newly constructed house in December of last year. This meant packing, moving and finally settling in.

  3. Until recently, I had flaky internet connection at home. I had to wake up really early to get a sure connection and then it was a slow one too. Arrgh! Now, I have a more stable connection at home after the DSL was finally installed last March 13. This after repeated follow-ups to the phone company for 3 weeks.

Now that I'm more certain of the months ahead, I'm now more comfortable in my situation as a blogger. And with this the belief that I can give an (almost) undivided attention this blog deserves. So there you have it. The long hiatus is now over and it's now "back to your regular programming."