Drummer Tenant Noise

When one of my tenants was new in the apartment, I didn't realize that her sons were "musically-inclined".

Okay, some may consider drumming as music and some as noise. But apparently, her sons and their friends were into it. And these drums aren't little bongos but a whole drum set for a band.

How they managed to fit a drum set in such a tiny apartment still baffles me. The first time I heard it, I was appalled at the ruckus. At first I thought that maybe it was a passing, temporary thing. But in the next few weeks, we discovered it wasn't. We were at the apartment every weekend and every time, there were drums playing.

Finally, I texted the mom and gently reminded her that there were other tenants in the building who may have to wake up early each morning for work or school and that it's best to limit the playing and observe silence in the evenings. I no longer remember, but I think there was no more drumming thereafter.

I have a clause in my lease which is shown below.
"That the LESSEE shall not make or permit any disturbing noise within the LEASED PREMISES caused by himself or by persons under his control, nor permit anything to be done by himself or such other persons which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of the other tenants. The LESSEE shall not play or suffer to be played in the LEASED PREMISES any musical instrument, stereo, radio, or loudspeaker, or install any machinery or device which may cause or tend to cause any noise which may be heard outside the LEASED PREMISES;"

You see I could've just pointed them out to the lease clause directly in my text but didn't. Instead, I just had to remind them of the possible consequences of the drum playing (noise, disturbance) to other tenants. Of course if push comes to shove, THEN I'll cite the lease contract.