Motorcycle in the Pathway

One of our tenants had an old motorbike. But since they had a car, they were already taking a parking slot. And there are only a few limited slots in the parking area.

With no place else to put the motorbike, they parked it in front of a vacant unit. This vacant unit is adjacent to theirs. Unfortunately, we were using this vacant temporarily for our personal stuff. The front of the units is the pathway and is common to all the tenants.

Had that vacant unit been occupied by tenants, I would suppose the occupying tenants would complain since it really is an obstruction in the pathway. Here's where a clause in your lease similar to the one below would come in handy.
"That the LESSEE shall not use the pathway of the building except as passageway to go in and out of the LEASED PREMISES;"

You can then point it out to the offending tenant.

Fortunately the motorbike is no longer there.