Demanding Apartment Hunters

A mistake I made prior to showing the units is not asking if the applicant has a checking bank account. This is especially if you only accept checks for rent payments.

A behavior often displayed by applicants is that once they see the property, they WANT to see the inside A.S.A.P. This must be some sort of a norm among apartment hunters. And that is to see the apartment units interior PRONTO! The reason they'd immediately give for wanting to see the apartment unit is: "Because we're already here!" as if demanding that I better be there for them.

In my early years of being a landlord, I was just excited to show the units. I basically had a great script all figured out and all I had to do was dazzle them with the apartment units' features. And with one couple who called me, I did just that - only to find out much later that they didn't have a checking account.

How could I have avoided all this inconvenience of going to the apartment for nothing? Well, I could've asked more probing questions via cellpone text - BEFORE even agreeing to go there and show the units. Don't be too excited to show the units at the drop of a hat.