Red Flags from Apartment Hunters

Yes, we've all seen them. Some landlords would include pet peeves. Red flags are those indicators that immediately require a double take. They're warning signs that we see, hear or feel from potential tenants. They're negative hunches and you'd have to be ultra sensitive for these. You'd have to be some sort of a person reader to be good at looking for these signs. Ultimately, they may make or break a tenant's application. So here they are. These are the signs that makes me raise an eyebrow or two when dealing with apartment hunters:
  • Applicant is arrogant.

    This one DEMANDS for stuff. This person has no modicum of courtesy or politeness. Why bother with this person? I've no time for control freaks or those who think they practically own the property. If an apartment hunter shows me the attitude, then sorry, I won't be showing the unit!

  • Kids are very unruly.

    This may be a discipline issue on the side of the parent (having it and giving it). And on the side of the kid? Well, it may mean crayon writings on the walls, broken faucets, flushing trash in the toilet bowl and more "unruly kidstuff"

  • Applicant is in a hurry to move.

    Why? Do you just automatically assume you CAN move in an apartment anytime (at the last minute, it seems) you like? Assume that with other landlords, not this one. Some would even bring out their wallets and flash the cash for the downpayment. Yeah right, these folks probly think landlords are desperate for money. Well, okay fine, "in need of money" but not desperate.

  • Too secretive.

    Does not answer questions like where they live, what they do for a living, where they work (like it's only they who COULD ask questions). I don't do hard sells on the apartment. I don't force nor pressure anybody. It's really up to the apartment hunter. But I do try to highlight the apartment's features which I believe will interest them coz these are unique to the apartment or are just really favorable to the tenants. And I do that for two reasons: I take pride on these features and I believe these help the apartment hunter in their decision-making.

  • Unable to "comprehend" simple instructions.

    I have simple text messages when it comes to stating my requirements. In spite of this, there are apartment hunters who totally ignore what my requirements are. For instance, I explicitly require for a checking account. They say they have it. When I get there to show the unit, they ask if they could just pay in CASH. Gee, what was it about my short and simple sms message that was so totally unclear to you?

  • Smokers.

    I'm biased. I used to smoke before. Generally speaking, smokers are bad with their butts, cigarette butts that is. They flick them anywhere they please. I've had smoking tenants who simply threw their butts in the plant boxes. Getting these smelly, soggy butts out of the plant boxes is a PAIN. I've no evidence but what really prevents these miscreants from throwing and flushing their butts in the toilet bowl? Nothing really.

  • Unreasonably late.

    Simple. Is this how you give a first impression? My impression is if you'll be unreasonably late (like you had to do your nails FIRST), then that only tells me how you'll deal with me in business - unbusinesslike and late.